(formerly We R Nuts) Feed Your Inner Squirrel!

Fresh Roasted Local Nuts

Want to know what makes our nuts tastes so good?

*We use only the best high quality local Northwest products.
*We roast our products in small batches.
*Our nuts are usually roasted hours before we sell them.
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Corporate Loyalty Program

Does your business want to say thank you to your great customers? Our nuts make perfect promotional corporate gifts! We handle all the work. You get all the thanks!

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Where To Buy?

NW Nut sells mouth watering nuts throughout the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR metro area You can also visit our newly remodeled shop by appointment!
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  • Health Benefits

Our nuts don’t just taste great! All of the nuts we produce have great health benefits too!

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Unlike most moms that try to poison their kids with sugary snacks, mine has a little common sense. That’s why she feeds me almonds with essential oils and nutrients to help me grow into a superstar!

A little common sense here folks.