NW Nut is launching Grandma Jan’s Traditional English Toffee.  We are celebrating by giving a pound of it away!

There are multiple ways you can enter:

  • Enter your email: Enter your email below and you will be signed up for your email list.  We don’t send emails often, but when we do we will let you know about new products and various specials.
  • Share on Twitter and Facebook: Once you sign up, you can gain more chances to win by sharing on Facebook and Twitter!  Just click the buttons, your tweet and post will have a unique link.  You will get an entry for every person that sign up via what you have shared.
  • Share A Link: Once you sign up, a link will appear.  You can cut and paste this and share it however you want (social media, email, etc.).  You will gain an entry for each person that click on it and signs up for the contest!

We will randomly choose the winner from the entries.  You will get the yummy toffee sent you soon afterwards!

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