NW Nut: Our New Name


If you haven’t noticed, We R Nuts 2 has transformed into NW Nut during the fall of 2013.  This change has actually been in the works ever since our owner, Theresa, met with a small business class at WSU Vancouver.  This class heard our story and our dreams.  They told us that a name change would be the best way to accomplish our goals.  They also felt that the new name was a little more professional and it helped to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

The class also recommended that we revamp our logo, packaging and website.  So we updated Seymour, the squirrel, and created some beautiful new boxes too!

While we were changing things, we figured we might as well modify our product lines too!  We now offer Chocolate (White, Milk and Dark) Covered nuts.  If you haven’t seen tried them yet, pick up some up at a market soon or check out our online store.