Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Hazelnuts.

Our pacific Northwest nut with that woody taste of its own, is transformed in the glazing process to a sweet and nutty taste like none you have ever know.   This is a gift giving favorite for those traveling or living in the pacific northwest for 90 percent of the hazelnuts worldwide are grown in Oregon.  These nuts are wonderful paired with wine, cheese, and they make a great salad topping or snack.  Very rich in flavor, it’s a favorite addition to trail mix. All of our nuts are gluten free.





Although hazelnuts only contain about 5 grams of protein per each one ounce serving size, the copper within hazelnuts plays a vital role in protecting against and improving some forms of arthritis, slowing down the overall aging process, and even stimulating brain cells. Copper also works to increase immunity, protecting you against common sicknesses. A small handful of hazelnuts provide you with nearly your full daily recommended intake of manganese, an important mineral that allows your body to better metabolize food sources for energy while also reducing the overall bad cholesterol levels. Hazelnuts have adequate amounts of B Vitamins, largely responsible for proper metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein. Your body also receives energy through the consumption of the Vitamin B found in the small snack nut. A specific B vitamin found in hazelnuts called thiamin works to help regulate your nervous system and aid healthy muscle and cardiovascular health. One small serving size of hazelnuts offers a near 20% of your recommended daily consumption of Vitamin E. This valuable vitamin and antioxidant eliminates free radicals within your body that have connections with causing cancer. As an essential nutrient, Vitamin E does not occur naturally in your body, meaning you have to consume the nutrient through food sources hazelnuts. The Vitamin K in hazelnuts helps regulate blood clotting so that you do not encounter excessive bleeding when injured. The vitamin also works alongside other nutrients to form healthy bones, making hazelnuts a popular choice amongst osteoporosis patients.